The likely end of Vicinitas by April 30, 2023

It is with great sadness we announce that Vicinitas may no longer have any operations soon due to Twitter's new API plans.

Thank you so much for using our services over the years.

Understand how Twitter users engage with your content

Vicinitas helps track and analyze real-time and historical tweets of your social media campaigns and brands on Twitter.

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Track hashtags, keywords & accounts on Twitter

Learn what content is resonating

Gain insights from a vast collection of posts into what is really working in terms of users' engagement and sentiment.

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Hashtag tracking analytics - content insights

Know your audience

Identify the most influential users related to your content as well as their interests.

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Hashtag tracking analytics - audience demographics

Discover what's trending

Compare the popularities of various dimensions of your content to determine what has worked before and what is working now.

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Hashtag tracking analytics - trends


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