Plans and Pricing

What can I expect in a trial run?

When you sign up for a trial run, you are allowed at most 1 active tracker at a time and a maximum of 5000 tweets containing all the trackers that you created during the 7 days after the account creation.

Regardless of when the trial ends, you may upgrade to a paid plan which will allow you a larger limit of active trackers, tweets and duration.

How do I upgrade from my trial run?

When you are logged in during your trial run, click on the Plan tab. Next, select a plan that best fits your usage in terms of the number of active trackers and the total number of tweets across all trackers during a month.

Once you have successfully made the payment, you will be upgraded to a paid account which allows a larger limit of active trackers and tweets.

What is a 'recurring cycle'?

When you upgrade from a trial account to a paid one, your usage is measured on a monthly basis starting from the day of upgrade. All the subsequent payments are also done based on the recurring cycle schedule that lasts a month.

For instance, if you were to upgrade to a paid account on June 5th, your recurring cycle would expire on July 5th. To continue tracking for the subsequent cycle (July 5th - August 5th), you will need to make payments by July 5th.

How do I upgrade / downgrade within my paid plan?

For the remainder of the current cycle, you can only upgrade to a higher priced plan but cannot downgrade to a lower priced plan. If you were to choose to upgrade to a higher priced plan within the current cycle, you will be charged on a prorata basis for the remainder of the cycle.

For the next cycle, however, you may either downgrade to a lower priced or upgrade to a higher priced plan of your choice.

Where can I find my payment history?

When you are logged in, go to the Billing tab which shows the entire history of payments made.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal which in turn accepts major debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) from all over the world.

Do you offer any discounts for academic and non-profit organizations?

Yes, we do offer up to 50% discounts. Please contact us.