Tracker Management

What is a tracker?

A tracker is an entity in the form of a hashtag, a keyword, an account or a website, that is used in collecting relevant tweets from Twitter in real-time. Each of these tweets would contain the tracker embedded in its content. Any tracker should be at most 60 bytes long. Some of the valid trackers:

  • Hashtag: #DigitalMarketing | #ContentMarketing | #MondayMotivation
  • Keyword: iPhoneX | Google Nexus | Microsoft Office 2019
  • Account: @cnn | @nasa | @twitter
  • Website: | |

What is an active / inactive tracker?

An active tracker is one whose relevant tweets are being collected at the moment in real-time. An inactive tracker, on the other hand, is the one whose tweets are not collected at the moment.

How do I create a tracker?

When you are logged in, go to the Trackers page and enter the tracker of your choice (be it a hashtag, an account, a keyword, or a website). Next, click on the 'Track' button after which you will shown whether the tracker has been started successfully.

How do I start / stop a tracker?

On the Trackers page, you are shown a list of active and inactive trackers. You may stop an active tracker or start an inactive tracker of your choice.

What can I do if the limit for active trackers is reached?

One option is that you may choose to upgrade to a higher plan that allows you to have more active trackers than your current plan.

Another option is to stop some of the trackers that are active at the moment, and then start the new ones.

Why did my active tracker(s) stop automatically?

One (non-failure) scenario where your active trackers are stopped by Vicinitas is when the current plan's recurring cycle limit of tweets has been reached across all trackers.

Another scenario is when the current plan's recurring cycle ends and you have not subscribed for the next cycle.