The likely end of Vicinitas by April 30, 2023

It is with great sadness we announce that Vicinitas may no longer have any operations soon due to Twitter's new API plans.

Thank you so much for using our services over the years.

Choose a plan that best fits your needs

April 21, 2023: Due to Twitter discontinuing the Premium API, we will no longer be able to process historical tweets.

Flexible Pricing

  • Keyword / Hashtag / Account
  • Any duration in Twitter history
  • Tweets in Excel and HTML formats
  • Downloadable Photos + Videos
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Mar 30, 2023: We are no longer accepting new real-time tracking subscriptions.

$15 / mo

  • 2 active trackers
  • 20,000 tweets
  • Downloadable CSV
  • Analytics
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$50 / mo

  • 5 active trackers
  • 100,000 tweets
  • Downloadable CSV
  • Analytics
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$125 / mo

  • 10 active trackers
  • 250,000 tweets
  • Downloadable CSV
  • Analytics
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$300 / mo

  • 25 active trackers
  • 1,000,000 tweets
  • Downloadable CSV
  • Analytics
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Details of 1 or more accounts' followers / following such as screen-names, number of followers, etc.


  • Across 1 or more accounts
  • Excel / CSV
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  • Across 1 or more accounts
  • Excel / CSV
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  • Across 1 or more accounts
  • Excel / CSV
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  • Across 1 or more accounts
  • Excel / CSV
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Discounts for academic and non-profit organizations

Please contact us at to apply for discounts.



Content Insights

Stats on what aspects of the content are resonating with the audience

Rich Media

Popular posts containing photos, videos, and GIFs

All Posts

Filter and search among all the tracker's posts


Stats on the usage characteristics of the audience

Influential Users

Find the users whose content is most influential

User Profiles

Search within the bios of all the users

Multiple Dimensions

Trends over 10 dimensions such as hashtags, keywords, influencers, etc

Temporal Patterns

Understand how the popularity of individual dimensions vary over time

Looking for more?

Let us know your requirements so we can offer custom solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tracker?

A tracker is an entity in the form of a hashtag, a keyword, an account or a website, that is used in collecting relevant tweets from Twitter in real-time. Each of these tweets would contain the tracker embedded in its content.

For example, if you were to start a tracker #DigitalMarketing, the text in each of the tweets collected with respect to the tracker would contain #DigitalMarketing.

What is meant by the terms "x active trackers" and "y tweets" in a plan?

In the "Individual" plan, for instance, you can track unlimited number of trackers (e.g., hashtags, keywords, accounts, and websites) over the recurring cycle but only up to 2 (active) trackers at any given point in time during this cycle. The number of tweets across all the trackers gathered during this cycle in the "Individual" plan is limited to 20,000.

What is the difference between real-time and historical tweets?

Real-time tweets refer to the tweets related to a tracker that are going to be posted from the moment you start the tracker.

Historical tweets refer to the tweets related to a tracker that were posted in the past ranging from the last 30 days to the entire Twitter history.

Why are historical tweets costlier than real-time tweets?

Unlike real-time tweets, we purchase the historical tweets from Twitter and third-party vendors.

The cost of real-time tweets is mostly based on the storage and the computation costs incurred for presenting accurate and in-depth analytics as efficiently as possible.

Is there a way to change the current plan before the end of the recurring cycle?

You can only upgrade to a higher priced plan compared to the current one for which you will be charged on a pro rata basis for the remainder of the recurring cycle.

For the subsequent cycle, you may continue the same plan, downgrade to a lower priced plan, upgrade to a higher priced plan, or cancel your subscription.

Are there any discounts for non-profit / academic organizations?

Yes, we offer discounts for non-profit / academic organizations. Please contact us to apply for such offers.

What modes of payment are accepted?

We accept payments via PayPal which in turn accepts major debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) from all over the world.