Track Hashtags and Keywords in Real-time

Ideal for analyzing near-future tweets related to hashtag or keyword posted over the next few days and weeks.


Turn raw tweets into insights

Get a big picture into user engagement of your content over time as well as when the optimal hours of the day are with high activity.

Learn the most popular words, hashtags, user mentions, emoticons, web content, languages among others associated with your content.
Hashtag tracking analytics - content insights

Find the needle with our extensive filter and search capabilities

Browse through all the tweets and their details relevant to your content along with how many likes, retweets, replies, and quotes each of them received.

Search for hashtags, mentions, words, and emoticons within these tweets as well as filter out based on whether those tweets contain media, links, and geotagged information.
Hashtag tracking analytics - tweets

Explore rich media

Discover popular tweets containing rich media such as photos, videos, and GIFs.

Hashtag tracking analytics - rich media (photos, videos, and GIFs)

Understand user demographics

Learn about the users who are posting relevant content such as their interests, preferred languages, and how long they have been using Twitter.

Know a user's social network activity in terms of the number of followers and followees as well as how frequently the user posts tweets and likes others' content.
Hashtag tracking analytics - audience demographics

Explore user profiles

Browse through the profiles of all users whose post relevant content which includes details such as their bio and social network activity.

Get a sample of all users whose bios match your queries.
Hashtag tracking analytics - audience profiles

Discover users with most influence

Find out top influential users whose content generates high engagement in terms of favorites, retweets, replies, and quotes.

Hashtag tracking analytics - influencers